It is a priviledge to discover someone you know can understand and feel what it is that your body and mind need in a healing arts session.  Sylvie is that person. Her skill and expertise as a massage therapist is combined with deep compassion and kindness…a combination that is a true gift to all who work with her. Thank you Sylvie.

* * *

A massage with Sylvie is an experience like no other. She identifies the areas needing special care then using her healing hands and a soothing soul; she relieves pain and energizes the spirit. I always leave her office feeling so much better than when I walked in… not just physically but also emotionally.  



My experience in yoga with Sylvie has been very positive both mentally and physically. I have always felt supported by her. She is patient and very competent. She believes in what she is teaching us and transmits it wonderfully. Thank you.

Francine Lecompte


A Yoga session with Sylvie, always a dynamic and tonifying moment. Because of calm nature and her energy… Nothing better to start off the New Year!



I love my Yoga classes with Sylvie, I’ve been practicing Yoga off and on for over 50 years. Yoga has brought me strenght, flexibility, less body pain and it gives me a meditative pause while following my breath. Sylvie is also a massage therapist, she has great knowledge of the body and shares this knowledge with us giving us personnalized attention. I am very grateful for all the benefits she brings me and it’s fun!

Loraine Jacmain